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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meru Mountain Yoga DVDs

This graded sequence of DVDs will help you develop a home practice that you can deepen at your own pace. Similar to what Janis Goad teaches in her Meditative Hatha Yoga classes, these DVDs offer the right level of practice for beginners and more advanced students alike.
Each video is structured in chapters that allow the user to choose all or parts of the program according to need or time today.

Volume 1--Gentle Yoga for Seniors and Complete Beginners

Volume 1 practice begins with an introductory flow with a chair then continues on the mat with easy variations of sitting, lying on the belly and lying on the back postures. It includes two or three forms of easy guided breathing (pranayama) and concludes with deep guided relaxation in savasana. Highly recommended for evening practice for all levels and for people who are learning tools to help manage stress. (63 minutes)

Volume 2--Yoga Flow for Beginners and Early Intermediates

Volume 2 classical hatha yoga class introduces the basic postures including cat, down dog, cobra, child, head to knee posture, seated half twist, seated side stretch, ballet, staff, dancing cat, balancing cat, low lunge, prayer twist in low lunge, locust, bow, rabbit, standing forward fold, triangle, warrior 2, extended side stretch, wide-legged forward fold, windmill, spinal lift, reverse pose, shoulder stand, and plough. It includes some different guided breathing exercises from those on Volume 1, and concludes with guided relaxation in savasana. (66 minutes)

Volume 3--Mixed Levels Yoga for an Advancing Practice

Volume 3 practice opens with 3 pairs of easy Sun Salutations, 1 pair of a more advanced version of Sun Salutations, and moves through an active, quick practice for experienced students who already know the alignment and have developed connection with their breath. It includes down dog, extended dog, lunge, prayer twist, extended triangle, warrior 2, reverse warrior, warrior 1, tree, eagle, the dancer, revolving triangle, Egyptian, windmill on elbow, side plank, dolphin, cobra, king cobra, locust, bow, shoulder stand, half plough, bridge, knees to ears pose, and others. It concludes with guided relaxation in savasana. (61 minutes)

Volume 4--Advanced Yoga Flow for Strength and Flexibility

Volume 4 advanced class opens with 3 pairs of Sun Salutations variation 2, 2 pairs of a third variation of Sun Salutations, leg lifts, reclining hand to toe pose, shooting arrow, boat, lunge, prayer twist, warriors 1, 2 and 3, triangle, standing hand to toe posture, dancing cat with push-up, dolphin, headstand, shoulderstand, plough, half wheel, fish, camel, beautiful thunderbolt, seated forward fold, slide, seated half twist, pigeon, crow, and guided relaxation in savasana. This is a challenging, dynamic practice with a variety of standing postures, arm balances, inversions and backbends for very experienced students. (75 minutes)

Grow your own practice.

Practice at home, on business trips, and on vacations.

Never miss yoga class again.

Available at: Banyen Books Vancouver
Let's Move Studio Kamloops
Nature's Fare Kamloops
or email

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I need to make modifications in side plank. I love the stretch but I can’t always get my bottom leg all the way off the mat. Leeann Carey has a free yoga video on side plank that I thought you might want to check out: