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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ten Lessons in Life from the Yoga Mat

It is easy to feel stillness and peace while we are practicing yoga.



It is not so easy to remember our connection with the Self once we roll the mat and resume our
mundane activities.

We call it “doing our practice” because we are practicing for life in the world off the yoga mat. The more we give to the practice, the more it enriches our lives.



As you practice the asanas like the ones shown here, consider how they embody these qualities of character in you. Turning the mind inward as we practice is the beginning of the part of yoga called Pratyahara, or withdrawal of the mind from the objects of the senses to fix it on the Self. What we focus our minds on, that we become.



1. Strength: Virabadrasana II
2. Flexibility: Matsyendrasana
3. Heart: Vasisthasana
4. Roots: Vrksasana
5. Balance: Bakasana
6. Stillness: Karnapidasana
7. Courage: Sirsasana
8. Trust: Vrischikasana
9. Grace: Chakrasana
10. Joy


My graded sequence of DVDs will help support your home practice. They make an excellent adjunct to regular practice with a qualified teacher. Available at Banyen Books Vancouver, Let’s Move Studio Kamloops, and by emailing Details on Oddities of Enlightenment YogaBlog and at Meru Mountain Yoga

photo credits: Jane Weitzel
Jaime Kowal

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RighteousYogini said...

what a brilliant sequence and lovely postures you have . . . not to mention some life lessons that are always a welcome reflection for yogis seeking to take their practice beyond the mat