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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yogablog Begins

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jithamaya Janis Goad and I live in Burnaby, BC, in Canada. This is my blog! I am learning how to do it so if I make mistakes as I go along, remember how it was when you were learning.

I will love it if you send me comments and emails from wherever you are in the world.

I teach yoga and English as a Second Language, and most of my blog is going to be about yoga, travel, world cultures and sometimes my other interests like the plants I love in my garden, my cats, movies I've seen that I like, or books.

One of my favourite yoga poses is this one, Reverse Pose, where you go upside down and hang like a bat, perfectly balanced, relaxed and still. With eyes closed or half closed, just hang there, hovering on the breath and find stillness. It is lovely. When you come down you feel recharged.

If you want a free newsletter with pictures of other yoga poses you can do upside down, or ten minutes of yoga you can do in the office in business clothes to ease tension in your back and neck from computer work, email me at

My 4 levels of yga DVDs to support your practice at home or on vacations or business trips out of town are available at Banyen Books in Vancouver, at the Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Centre Vancouver, and through my website at

I teach yoga classes in Burnaby on Wednesdays 8:15-9:15 pm near Lougheed and Gilmore and in Vancouver on Tuesdays 8-9:30 pm, Thursdays 4:30-6:00 pm, Fridays 1:45-3:15 pm and Sundays 10:30 am-noon at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Vancouver, 2010 East 48th Avenue at Victoria Email me for details.

Enjoy my blog!



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